Marble Glass Cutting Boards Are Hygienic and So Much More!

These challenging days, almost everything begs us to rise to the challenge. We’re even cognizant of how hygienic our cutting boards can be. For instance, marble glass cutting boards from Houseware Warehouse can help keep everything much more bacteria- and virus-free than their porous wooden counterparts. 

Plus, marble glass cutting boards are beautiful and super-functional – providing an excellent tool for multi-tasking in the kitchen, as well as an elegant presentation vehicle during happy hour entertaining, on your buffet table with wine and cheese or for your gorgeous crudité and tapas displays.

Houseware Warehouse marble glass cutting boards are made from sturdy, tempered glass that is break-resistance. These stylish marble cutting boards also have non-skid “feet” on the back to hold them in place for safety while you are cutting and to help prevent counter and tabletop scratches.

Aside from protecting against bacteria and other potentially dangerous contagions, its non-porous surface also resists stains. If you’re thinking marble glass is the ticket (Which it definitely is!), Houseware Warehouse also offers wire cheese slicers with a white or black marble glass base, in addition to a lovely array of decorative glass cheese boards and even slate cheese boards you can write on! Imagine your gorgonzola gracing the spot where it says gorgonzola. So posh!

Houseware Warehouse also provides a nice selection of stackable, easy to store, poly white cutting boards, Farberware cutting boards and those innovative flexible chopping mats that are all the rage! 

Houseware Warehouse is continually committed to providing its customers with cutting edge kitchen supplies. Visit for your next cutting board and all your cutlery needs.