Many Ways to Use Your Cheese Grater

Here’s an interesting question with an interesting answer. Is your cheese grater reaching its full potential? Probably not, but don’t worry. We’ve provided a sampling of a bunch of ways (you may never have even thought of) to use your cheese grater:

Do you enjoy adding refreshing coleslaw to your menu from time to time? Consider using a box grater to quickly, easily and uniformly shred your cabbage and carrots next time you do! 

Freshly ground spices are more effervescent and full of taste than spices that can be bought pre-ground. Did you know that your cheese grater can provide a spice grinding function as well? 

If Italian meals are your thing, you should note that you can use the small holes on your cheese grater to mince garlic, but that’s not all! If you are making pasta sauce from scratch, you can avoid any food processor clean-up by simply using your “cheese” grater to puree tomatoes!

Cooks who like to use fresh herbs know that destemming herbs can be a cumbersome process unless you know this excellent cheese grater kitchen hack…Reduce time and headaches by just inserting your herb sprig into a large hole on your cheese grater, grip the stem from the opposite side and pull it through. You will end up with a bare stem on one side and a bunch of usable herbs on the other! Woody, sturdier herbs like rosemary work best.

Use your cheese grater to make breadcrumbs from stale bread with ease and grate chocolate for a delicious garnish or to prep it for melting. You can even use your cheese grater to crumble eggs for egg salad, salad toppers and avocado toast.

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