The Many Benefits of Bag Clips

I always called them chip clips because I most frequently used them to keep open bags of chips fresh. In fact, they are great for keeping open bags of all kinds of people snacks fresh, and they can also keep pet food and treat bags fresh. They can also seal the top of your open rice, flour or sugar bags and more. Just think about it, their sealing uses are limitless.

Ah, but sealing isn’t the only thing bag clips can do. Yes, you are about to be amazed and impressed, and most likely you will want to quickly buy more bag clips! Okay, here we go…

Bag clips can be used as large paperclips. Colored bag clips can help you organize phone messages and mail. They can help keep napkins and paper plates secure during picnics or barbeques so that they don’t blow away. Bag clips can even hold your place in your recipe book so that you don’t get your messy fingers on the pages! Magnetic bag clips can be placed on the refrigerator and used to hang to do lists and grocery lists. Place your recipes up too if you want to, so that they are out of the way while you cook.

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