How to Make Salads More Attractive with an Egg Slicer

Ever go to slice a hardboiled egg only to end up with a mushed up, eggy mess? If you have guests coming, or even if you just want to treat your family to an elegantly presented meal, don’t take chances with your eggs. Use the right tool.

The Egg Slicer/Wedger/Piercer from Houseware Warehouse is a little slice of heaven! It is the perfect tool for slicing, wedging and piercing hard boiled eggs. Houseware Warehouse’s Egg Slicer/Wedger/Piercer can slice your eggs in 10 beautifully uniform slices or six equal wedges. Plus, its built-in egg piercer can be used to keep your shells from cracking during the hard boiling process. And it is manufactured from durable, quality materials – a sturdy ABS frame and stainless steel wires.

There is also a garnishing tool included. So, go ahead and create edible masterpieces. Artfully decorate salads, antipasto plates and more! The “eggstra” special touch you get from the Egg Slicer/Wedger/Piercer will wow your friends and spoil your family.

“Eggceptional” chefs choose Houseware Warehouse for all their kitchen essentials. Visit to browse through our online catalog and our enormous inventory of affordable, high quality kitchen supplies. And if you have any questions, our friendly, professional staff is available 24 hours a day to help.