Make the Perfect Cake and More in a Cast Iron Fluted Cake Pan

Champagne flutes elegantly hold our bubbly; stately fluted columns were common in ancient Greek architecture; and Jethro Tull can play one heck of a fine flute; but there is one particular flute with a story that will bring beautiful music to your ears…and your mouth – the cast iron fluted cake pan! So, listen up…

Those brownies with the nice crispy edges and warm gooey middles, cornbread that would make even Emeril proud and a wide array of cakes that come out perfectly pretty every darned time can all be made with a cast iron fluted cake pan.

Ever bake with cast iron? Cast iron is a great thermal conductor, distributing heat evenly. Cast iron is naturally non-stick, easy to clean and durable. Cast iron also adds nutrients to foods and is versatile – lending itself to creating a variety of delectable baked goods in a great many ways. And the fluted edges just put the icing on the cake!

Cast iron fluted cake pans are also inexpensive and easy to put your hands on when you order through America’s leading online wholesale kitchen supplier – Houseware Warehouse! So, let there be cake…fluted cake and fluted quiches and fluted pie crusts and fluted cheesecakes and fluted tarts and…

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