Make Your Breakfast Exciting!

Don’t settle for boring old toast, a breakfast bar or cereal for breakfast anymore. Spice things up with vegetable frittatas; ham and Swiss quiche; eggs benedict; scrambled egg whites with spinach and diced tomatoes. The list goes on and on, and believe it or not, it only takes a few minutes to scramble an egg with some veggies.

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How about a pig-shaped bacon press Or consider adding herbs to liven things up. We have tons of herbs and fancy little herb gadgets. For instance, check out Herb-eze for easy stripping, measuring and storage of herbs, or chop till you drop with the Roller Herby

Let there be juice! We have glass juicers, hand-held juicers, heavy duty commercial juicers, measuring juicers and juicers with pour spouts

Wondering if we have anything for eggs? Are you kidding? You crack me up! There are non-stick omelet pans, egg poachers, egg mashers, egg piercers, egg cups, egg skillets, egg rings, whisks and more

Of course, great coffee is a great perk for any good breakfast. Brew espresso in a three-cup polished aluminum espresso maker, grand your own fresh coffee beans with a Proctor Silex coffee grinder or microwave one cup of perfect coffee in one minute with the one-cup coffee brewer

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