Knife Sharpening Basics

One of the best tips for preparing better meals is to use a sharp knife. The point is that when you use a sharp knife, meat slices are more tender, fruits and vegetables maintain their integrity instead of turning into a mushy mess, and your meal presentation is so much more visually appealing. Sharper kitchen knives also give you more control, help prevent slipping and make handling safer.

Knife sharpening is actually easier and safer than you might think. It really just depends on the sharpening gadget you choose. You could use a sharpening stone, but why? You would need to know suggested grit size for each of your knives, use lubricant and follow a 14-step process. It’s not cheap either. Or you could purchase the very affordable and easy to use Rolling Knife Sharpener at Houseware Warehouse. With this handy knife sharpener, you simply place the blade between the side and the stone and roll. Then repeat the same on the other side of the blade. No lubricants or fat wallets needed! 

There are also some other things you can do to keep your knives in optimal condition. Being tossed around in a utensil drawer can damage and dull knives over time, so it is best to use a knife block. They even make knife blocks that sharpen your knives every time you extract them from the block! Don’t use the dishwasher because knives can also bang around in there, and the high heat can harm your knife handles. Use a cutting board that will help keep your knives sharp. Softer wood cutting boards are best. Hard glass, marble and ceramic cutting boards are the worst. Finally, don’t use your knives as screw drivers, hammers or crowbars. Leave that stuff to the items in your toolbox. Your knives will love you for it, and it may save you from some scary injuries!

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