Kitchen Hacks to Save Time and Savor Flavor!

Certain kitchen hacks can be great for saving time and for creating dishes bursting with flavor. There isn’t much good that has come from the pandemic, but people have been spending a bit more time in the kitchen lately. Consequently, there are some amazing new kitchen hacks you’re definitely going to want to try. Here are a few of my favorites…

Do you hate taking the time to slave over pie crust or maybe your pie crust never seems to come out quite right? Don’t worry. There is a crust crafting kitchen hack that only takes seconds and will result in pie crust anyone would love. Crush up a bunch of your favorite type of cookies and use just enough butter to hold them together when you press them into your pie pan. Peanut butter cookies or Thin Mints are delicious with a chocolate pudding pie and ‘Nilla Wafers or good old fashioned graham crackers are to die for with banana pudding. Just sayin’!

Mayonnaise is an incredible kitchen hack for so many things. Take, for instance, cake batter. Add just a little as your secret ingredient and your cakes will be the talk of your book club! You can also add a little to your scrambled eggs to make them light and fluffy or cover your chicken breasts in mayo instead of beaten eggs before you dip them in your breadcrumb mixture. Now that’s some lip smackin’ chicken!

Want to make your pancake batter better? Add a little vanilla and you will add a sweet depth to your batter that may just make you cry – in a good way! Then, instead of whipping heavy cream for what seems like days, just place it in a jar, affix the lid and shake for a few seconds. Now you have perfectly peaked fresh whipped cream for those tasty hotcakes! 


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