Keeping It Clean

We all like to keep it clean…a clean car, clean kids, clean yard, clean teeth, clean clothes, clean house…and especially a clean kitchen. The kitchen is the place where all your food is stored and cooked, so you want to make sure it is bacteria-free and healthy at all times for your family and friends.

Houseware Warehouse, the country’s leading kitchen supply wholesaler, doesn’t stop at providing an enormous inventory of kitchen gadgets and cooking supplies. We also offer a host of cleaning products for your kitchen, and we offer them at affordable prices. Get everything from conventional cleaning items to innovative cleaning gadgets that will save you time and effort.

For instance, you will experience no more yucky drips throughout your refrigerator and in your bins with fridge bin liners and refrigerator liners.

For conventional cleaning, there are a wide array of shelf liners, dust pans, mops, spray bottles, squeegees, drying mats, pot scrapers and pan scrapers We have brushes galore! There are scouring brushes, scrubbing brushes and soap dispensing brushes. We also have a wide array of regular sponges and those with mesh or stainless scourers. Speaking of scouring, we offer all sorts of scouring pads, including jumbo and heavy duty. Choose from a wide array of kitchen towels and micro fiber cloths. We even have a variety of shammies and streak-free cloths…and for those who like to keep everything in its proper place, there we have holders for things like paper towels and sponges.

So scrub-a-dub-dub and join the Houseware Warehouse club! Visit today.