How to Keep Wooden Skewers from Burning on the Grill

Shish kabobs are all about the presentation…skewers full of colorful veggies like fresh zucchini, orange and yellow peppers and button mushrooms; serve skewers of succulent shrimp, pineapple chunks and cherry tomatoes over yellow saffron rice; or mouthwatering pieces of tender, teriyaki marinated steak sandwiched between red onion and pepper slices. You can wrap your scallops or shrimp in bacon and skewer them. Skewer chicken, pork, tiny new potatoes and more! You can even have a party where guests create their own delicious shish kabobs to suit their own tastes!

Ah, but what happens when your wooden skewers catch fire? All that tantalizing presentation just flew out the window if the ends of your skewers burnt off and you are now just left with a bunch of chunks of meat and/or vegetables…possibly some with slivers of wood still inside. Yuck!

Don’t ever let your beautiful shish kabob meal go up in flames. All you need to do is remember to pre-soak your wooden skewers in water for at least 20 minutes prior to grilling. You can even soak them in wine or juice to add even more delicious depth to your kabobs.

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