Keep Your Coffee Organized with a Coffee Pod Caddy

Phil Mickelson wouldn’t golf 18 holes on a golf course without his caddy, so don’t even consider letting your kitchen go caddyless. Keep your coffee pods organized and reduce kitchen clutter with a coffee pod caddy that sits on the counter, mounts on the wall or fits in a standard sized drawer. Coffee pod caddies come in any form you need – from easels, to trees, to all-in-one units with condiment compartments. Some can even hold up to 36 coffee pods.

If you like being organized, you are looking for more space in your kitchen or you are simply one of the pod people, store your favorite flavors in a way that you savor. Check out coffee pod caddies and any other kitchen supplies you may need at Houseware Warehouse has been providing quality kitchen gadgets and tools to cooks and to people who love their cooks throughout the United States for over 20 years.

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