Juicer vs. Blender

In the case of the juicer versus the blender, which is better may come down to your particular preference. In general, blenders are a more versatile kitchen appliance…

The king of pulverizing, blenders can be used to blend a wide array of items to create an enormous variety of mixes, including things like sauces, dips, cocktails and more. For instance, the pulse selection on your blender will allow you to chop food into smaller pieces or break up ice cubes for fancy drinks. Mix can help you perfect your salmon burger recipe. Stir can result in a well-blended, thick milkshake. You can opt for puree for creamy soups and choose chop for salsa. An added bonus is that blenders are pretty simple to clean.

Juicers are best at doing what they were designed for – to extract juice from your ingredients, leaving the pulp and other elements behind to result in a silky smooth drink. If you’re a certified smoothie lover, juicers may be the choice for you. That being said, blenders can retain a bit more fiber and thereby some more nutrients, so if you are a health purist, you may be team blender. Juicers also have more parts than blenders so juicer cleaning can be a little more involved.

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