Icing/Cooling Racks Work Great for Home Bakers

An icing/cooling rack is a cool piece of essential equipment for home bakers. It is a great place to rest your decadent desserts while you ice them and, let’s face it, just about every baking recipe calls for cooling your baked goods on a wire rack after you remove them from the oven.

A cooling rack allows air to circulate through it and completely around your baked items, enabling them to cool quickly…and that can be essential in baking. Cooling your baked items on a wire rack also prevents overbaking as well as condensation which can make baked foods mushy. For those of us who like our brownie edges crisp and certain cookies crunchy, that can be one heck of a deal breaker!

Wire cooling racks are great for bread, muffins, cookies, cakes and cupcakes, and come in all shapes and sizes…even multi-tiers for more ambitious bakers.

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