Ice Cube Trays: So Many Choices!

Ice cubes trays are definitely useful for freezing more than just water and they can yield festive, flavorful results! That’s why we have so many types of ice cube trays.

Want to try a cool cooking hack? Freeze little cubes of herbed butter and pop one in your saute pan whenever you need it…easy peasy! Or mix up your chicken or beef bouillon ahead of time and freeze it in an ice cube tray…also makes cooking as easy as pie!

Sick and tired of your iced coffee getting watered down when you add ice cubes? Just freeze some coffee ice cubes. Problem solved! You can also add colorful berries to your ice cube trays for gorgeous and tastier cocktails.

And with all of our needs and uses for ice cube trays come a bunch of types of those trays de cubes. There are the ever-popular plastic ice cube trays which are inexpensive, but can crack more easily than others. There are also metal ice cube trays which can be a little heavier and cumbersome, but come with a nifty handle that breaks the ice cubes when shifted. There are even ice cube trays with lids to prevent odor absorption and spills. Finally, there are silicone ice cube trays with revolutionary flexibility. These can be molded into all sorts of shapes. Let’s just take the holidays, for instance. You could whip up Christmas tree ice cubes, turkey butter pats for Thanksgiving or hearts for your boo’s rum and coke on Valentine’s Day.

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