How to Write Good Product or Service Descriptions

As my mother used to say about everything from burnt dinner to an ugly dress, “It’s all in the presentation.” Not that there’s anything wrong with your product or service. I’m just saying that even the most incredible products and services can be presented either poorly or extremely well…very possibly causing them to sell poorly or extremely well.

That being said, it is very important to present your products or services with polish and panache; and one of the best ways to do that is by writing a good description. Words can make or break a description. Let’s focus on the “make” part…

Wow Them Quickly

People are busy in today’s day and age, so you need to grab their attention as quickly as possible. In a product description, that would be your very first line. For instance, if you know that the major selling point of your kitchen product is that it saves time, you might wow them in your very first sentence by saying, “Make meals in just minutes!”

Customer Benefit

When you are telling a child that what he thinks might be a boring walk in the park is anything but boring, you may include things in your pitch like, “Don’t you want to see the ducks?” or “I bet your friend Josh will be there!” That is customer benefit – things about the park that you know he will enjoy. So you want to focus on all of the things your product or service offers that will mean the most to your potential customers – such as affordability, unique design features or reliability.

Cross the Proverbial Finish Line

All of your efforts up to this point are fruitless if you can’t make the sale. So wrap things up with by urging them to make the purchase. You can do that with a special offer; create urgency by telling them that there is a limited supply or time to purchase your product or service; or simply use a straight forward call to action, such as, “Don’t miss out. Order your XYZ today!”