How to Use a 3-cup Polished Aluminum Espresso Maker

Good things come in threes…The Three Stooges, The Three Musketeers, three bean salad, Three Dog Night, tri-colored pasta…if you are religious – The Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost…AND – wait for it – the 3-cup Polished Aluminum Espresso Maker from Houseware Warehouse!

Mmmm, I can already smell that rich aroma filling the kitchen. Is your mouth watering yet? Just in case, we should arm you with some mad skills. Here’s how to use the 3-cup Polished Aluminum Espresso Maker from Houseware Warehouse…

Ok, so start by grinding your coffee beans finer than you would for regular drip. Then, you want to fill the base with water slightly below or up to the line – depending upon your taste. Next, make certain your rim is clean or you could lose pressure…and it’s all about the pressure! Screw the parts together, and place your pot on low or medium heat. Gas stove tops are ideal. After about six to eight minutes, your espresso should start to flow into the reservoir. Once it does, remove your pot from the heat. You don’t want to burn your brew, and the residual heat will be enough to finish your brewing process. Stir the upper chamber for uniform flavor, and drink up! That, my friends, is how the magic happens!

If you like full-bodied, strong coffee, you will love the 3-cup Polished Aluminum Espresso Maker from Houseware Warehouse. It’s easy to use, it’s made of quality material, it is a breeze to clean and it is the perfect way to make great, stove top espresso!