How to Properly Store Leftovers

Dreaming of cold, leftover pizza or that slice of last night’s roasted chicken breast that you could place on white bread slathered with mayonnaise? Yep, leftovers can be some of the yummiest items in the refrigerator if they are properly stored.

So let’s get into some “don’ts”…You don’t want to store your canned items, like fruits, tuna and veggies, in their cans because those cans they came in can leave behind a metallic taste, as well as some very unhealthy properties. You also don’t want to top your dishes and bowls with flimsy plastic wrap that never seems to seal right, leaving your precious snacks to brave the elements.

What you DO want to do instead is opt for some decent, airtight leftover containers which will tolerate temperature changes without cracking and won’t absorb stains or smells. And that whole smell thing goes both ways. Have you ever smelled garlic from last night’s lasagna on your ice cubes? Trust me, it’s not pleasant. No one wants a fancy cocktail that stinks!

Proper leftover storage can also make your life easier and less expensive. Why not shop in your refrigerator for a quick, convenient (leftover and properly stored) side dish instead of the store?

Want to eliminate food waste and heighten mealtime enjoyment? Glass containers are excellent BPA-free clear containers, but there are also some exceptional plastic leftover storage options. Just visit to see what’s in store!

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