How to Create an Account for Selling on Amazon

Want to know how to create an account to sell products or services on Amazon? Here’s how you get started…

First you should know that there are some requirements for service providers. If you are selling your service through Amazon, you need to carry general liability insurance with a limit of at least $1 million per occurrence. If you are a tradesman – such as an electrician, plumber or contractor – you need to be licensed and/or certified as required by law. Proof of those items will need to be provided upon registration.

Ok, so if you are selling your service, you need to apply on Amazon. Once your application is approved, you will receive an “activation email”. Then you register your account by clicking the activation URL and follow the steps to register. Amazon will run business and technician background checks. Then you just select the service you want to offer in the location/s of your choice to set up your account. 

All product sellers can list products in 20 categories. If you are a professional seller, you get 10 additional categories in which to list your products. You choose a selling plan – $0.99 per item for individuals or a $39.99 monthly subscription fee for professional sellers. There are also other fees, including a referral fee that varies by category, closing fees, shipping fees and a refund administration fee. 

To register, create your account on Seller Central, Amazon’s web interface where you will also be able to manage your account. After you register, just add your products to the Amazon Marketplace.

When your products sell, the net amount will be deposited into your account; and you will receive an email notification that your payment has been sent. Amazon will also notify you when customers place an order so that you can handle shipping yourself or simply use Amazon fulfillment services.

Now you’re in business!