How to Clean Sheet Pans

Are your sheet pans looking like you ran over them with some jeep tires after an off-road trip? We use them to broil veggies, cook our frozen snacks and bake our holiday cookies. It’s no wonder our sheet pans look a little worse for wear.

Have you tried to get them back to their original luster by scrubbing them after a good soak in hot soapy water – all to no avail? Don’t worry. You don’t need to toss them in the trash and buy new ones just yet. There is an easy way to make your sheet pans shine like new.

Believe it or not, you most likely have what you need right in your cupboard. Got baking soda and white vinegar? If so, you’re good to go! Just add a half cup of each to a sink full of hot water. When it bubbles up like a cauldron at Halloween, add your grungy baking sheet and let it soak for an hour. Scrub it with a scouring pad and soapy warm water. You’re welcome!

Of course, if your sheet pans are warped or you just really want some new ones, Houseware Warehouse also has a nice shiny selection of sheet plans that we would be more than happy to send you! Just visit our online catalog at Browsing there can get you absolutely anything you need for your kitchen. Once again, you’re welcome!

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