How Selling on Amazon Has Been Affected by Covid-19 and Shipping

As you might imagine, Covid-19 has created a shift in product and service purchasing which has increased online shopping exponentially. This unexpected transition was an exceptionally rapid one, resulting in quite a few snags. Even Amazon, the world’s largest online giant of our time, is no exception to the added toll Covid-19 has taken.

What a world it was. We all grew accustomed to the virtually immediate shipping process afforded by Amazon Prime. Anything we wanted appeared at our doorstep the very next day. We all reveled in instant pleasures, and gifts for almost forgotten birthdays and other momentous occasions could make it there on time and save the day. 

But with the onslaught of Covid-19, times have markedly changed. Now, with a backlog of Amazon orders, all the while with high demand supplies shrinking, Amazon has been forced to step up its game to maintain its unparalleled purchasing and delivery performance.

When this horrendous pandemic first began, what was once guaranteed next-day shipping gained an unwelcome lag time, with Amazon’s deliveries typically taking from two to five days…and sometimes longer. Amazon has also had to put priority shipment protocols in place, with items deemed necessary – such as household staples and medical supplies – taking precedence over other product orders. 

Ah, but while some aspects of the digital marketing landscape are still a bit uncertain, you can rest assured that if anyone can make things work while we wait to see how things shake out, it is Jeff Bezos, the founder of our go-to online shopping global behemoth.

While Amazon Prime may be performing as its less than stellar self, it is still very popular. Keep in mind that while customers may not receive their products immediately through Amazon, free shipping – particularly when they are ordering more products more often – is quite a boon. 

Plus, in an effort to assuage the onslaught of orders it receives and the effect that Covid-19 has had on product availability, Amazon has hired an additional 175,000 workers to more effectively meet demand it faces. Amazon has also increased its capacity for grocery delivery and placed a laser focus on the acquisition and shipment of high priority items.

And while the Amazon purchase and shipping process continually improves, Amazon has responded to the Covid-19 crisis in other unbelievably amazing ways with which no other company could possibly compete. What customer wouldn’t have a comfort level dealing with a company that spent $4 billion to help support its employees and our world during this crisis?

Here are just some examples of the efforts Amazon is undertaking…

Amazon has earmarked $800 million in the next six months alone for employee safety, including enhanced workplace cleaning, protective gear, social distancing measures, higher pay, paid time off for those who contract the virus, a $25 million relief fund for those facing financial hardship or quarantine, comprehensive health benefits from day one of employment and Amazon is also currently working toward building incremental testing capacity in the hopes that it will be able to repeatedly rapid test every single employee.

Amazon has also donated $100 million to the Feeding America organization, $20 million to help accelerate Covid-19 research and tens of thousands of laptops to public schools to help facilitate online learning. In addition, Amazon has provided for the delivery of millions of meals to underserved and vulnerable populations. 

Amazon has also made tens of thousands of face shields available to the medical community free of charge; and donations of pet food and pet care items including more than 6,500 pounds of pet food since March.

Additionally, Amazon has been instrumental in raising money and awareness for Covid-19 relief efforts through charity music events and PGA golf events. Amazon has also launched a program, called Amazon Handmade, to help connect customers with local artisans selling handcrafted items and who are dealing with hefty business income decreases caused by Covid-19.

Amid the health and financial hardships caused by Covid-19 that we are all forced to face, Amazon has had the unique ability to rise above it and continues to be hailed as the most reliable, convenient source for online shopping, with the widest selection of products and services available.