Houseware Warehouse Makes Christmas Breakfast a Breeze!

Fluffy pancakes topped with melted butter and drizzled with warm syrup; cranberry muffins fresh from the oven, omelets full of crumbled sausage and cheesy goodness; crisp bacon just begging to be eaten…and visions of sugarplums dancing in your head (not really that last part)…That’s how I picture a Christmas breakfast of grand proportions. You can make all that and more – and much more easily – with some of the very cool breakfast kitchen tools found at

Houseware Warehouse has all the kitchen utensils, pots and pans, bakeware and nifty cooking gadgets you could possibly need to make Christmas breakfast…and make it with ease! There are cast iron pans that enable you to transfer that browned butter and orange skillet bake from the stovetop into the oven; and bacon presses for, well, bacon!

If it is eggs you want, it is eggs you’ll get, with spatulas for egg flipping and whisks for egg scrambling. Do you like your eggs poached? Pick up a non-stick egg poaching pan, a floating silicone egg poacher or a festive egg shaped timer. Houseware Warehouse even has a cute little egg head and spoon to serve a soft boiled egg!

Measure, mix and shake your pancakes in an all-in-one pancake maker. There are loaf pans for baking golden brown banana bread, muffin pans and pastry tools. Even fancy coffee and tea can be easy with a stovetop espresso maker, a coffee bean grinder or a milk frother!

By the way, all of the items above also double as excellent holiday gifts, so get ready to stuff those stockings!

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