Hot Ideas for Summer Grillin’

With Labor Day not far from our thoughts and summer still in full swing, it’s only right that we get our grill on, and Houseware Warehouse has just what you need. Here are some hot ideas for any summer soiree!

So, imagine corn grilled to perfection and slathered in butter. All you need to make that happen is a corn grilling basket and your own, personal grilling prowess! Pair that up with a hamburger grill cover and enjoy the juiciest burgers ever. Houseware Warehouse has grill baskets, grill toppers, grill sheets and non-stick barbeque mats to keep all your smaller and more delicate items from falling through those grill grates in any manner you like. Get a silicon grilling glove for safety and a barbeque mop for your famous sticky ribs. Make your life easier with grill tongs, spatulas for grilling, long handle meat forks and telescopic barbeque tools. Plus, who could be without a grill top bacon press for breakfast straight off the grill or a beer can chicken roaster, metal skewers for kabobs and a silicone brush for basting?

There are even tons of picnic serving supplies from which to choose, like corn holders, condiment containers and mesh food covers. Then make clean-up a breeze with items like a traditional wire brush or long handle grill brush.

Houseware Warehouse also offers the perfect way to do you summer grilling supply shopping. Simply visit and browse through our online catalog. Then place your order online and sit back and relax until your package arrives at your door!

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