For Those Hard to Reach Places, Houseware Warehouse Has Personal Back Scratchers

Ever try to scratch that pesky itch in the middle of your back only to find that it is absolutely impossible to reach it unless your arm grows a few more inches? It’s sort of like when you get that itch on your nose and your hands are buried in meatball mix. Well, don’t worry. Houseware Warehouse even has personal back scratchers for those hard to reach places! (Please note: you may still have to wash the meatball off your hands for that nose itch.)

The personal back scratcher is a fabulous invention. The end that delivers all that glorious relief is shaped like a hand with little pointed fingers that can perfectly scratch any itch. The personal back scratcher variations you can find at Houseware Warehouse are particularly pleasing. One doubles as a shoe horn. You have to agree that getting those weirdly fitting shoes on has always been problematic. Houseware Warehouse also offers a host of 20” bamboo back scratchers with different massage implements on the opposite end. What’s not to love? As the George Thorogood has been known to say, “Scratch my back, Baby!”

If you are interested in purchasing a personal back scratcher, Houseware Warehouse is certainly not a hard to reach place! Houseware Warehouse is a convenient, reliable online source with quality, innovative items that don’t cost a lot of scratch. So visit to browse our enormous and varied inventory and scratch that off your list!