Having guests for Thanksgiving? Hide the Greasy Stove with Burner Covers

Baked on, caked on dark Karo syrup from grandma’s sweet potato recipe; mashed potato splatters from rushing to take the beaters out before turning down the mixer; a stack of dirty dishes that would make Caligula proud; of course, that mess of a turkey pan; pumpkin pie drippings on your favorite sheet pan and your nephew’s cranberry sauce debacle…Thanksgiving can certainly come with its own set of issues.

However, if you are having guests for Thanksgiving or some other holiday or party, one thing you don’t have to worry about is an unsightly stove. Simply cover it with decorative burner covers from Houseware Warehouse!

Houseware Warehouse, America’s leading online source for wholesale kitchen items carries a wonderful array of decorative stove burner covers. Choose your burner cover in a bright red to add a pop of color to your stainless appliances or stick with a slate grey for a perfect match. There are fruit themes, farm themes, wine themes, funny chef themes and so many more options…something perfect for everyone.

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