Grill Toppers, Why They Are Good to Have

You can’t be king of the grill without the tools to prove it. Any savvy griller knows you need long-handled
tongs, a fabulous flipper and a barbeque mop for the most righteous, juicy ribs; but don’t forget about
the grill topper. No skillful barbeque grill handler can be without a grill topper!
The reasons you want a grill topper are plentiful, as should be the tasty treats on your grill. First and
foremost, grill toppers enable us to grill meat and vegetables that would otherwise be too small to place
on our grill grates…items like shish kabobs, bell peppers, onions, broccoli, asparagus, sliced zucchini,
mushrooms, jalapenos, potato wedges, sweet potato fries and more! Griller toppers are also great for
handling delicate items – like fish – on the grill.
Plus, to “top” it all off, you can get your quality, cost-effective grill topper at Houseware Warehouse,
America’s trusted source for wholesale kitchen supplies. At Houseware Warehouse, large, 11×17 grill
toppers come standard with modern, non-stick appeal and long-lasting durability. The grill toppers at
Houseware Warehouse are also perforated at the bottom to allow for proper, even airflow under your
food and to enable drippings to drain into your grill’s grease tray and not into your dinner. There are
side handles for safer easy lifting on and off your hot grill, and it is dishwasher safe for easy clean-up.
So put shopping for a Houseware Warehouse grill topper at the top of your list!

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