Give Your Food a Gourmet Look with Squeeze Bottles

Everything seems better when it looks a little more enticing. A drab dress can morph into a lovely ensemble with the addition a beautiful scarf and some sparkly earrings; a stinky, matted dog can turn into an adorable puppy with the proper grooming; and a ho hum meal can morph into a piece de resistance with the right flair. As my mother used to say, it’s all in the presentation. In fact, I think that’s how she got me to eat cauliflower.

So, let’s take this up a notch. Ever wonder how your favorite fancy restaurant can make its dishes look so appealing? Do you wish you could do that at home? You can!

There is a terribly affordable way to give your food the gourmet flourishes afforded by the most famous chefs, and it’s easy as pie. The solution to your presentation predicament is squeeze bottles!

Yes, squeeze bottles. Squeeze bottles make it easy to make artistic designs with delicious sauces on each dinner plate.

It’s more appetizing when the food you eat is eye-catching, so go ahead and create some eye candy! Introduce contrast, make it pretty and have fun…all with an ordinary squeeze bottle! If it’s a sexy spread you’re after, make it more appealing with an apricot teriyaki glaze, spice it up with sriracha and give things a pop with pesto!

And don’t forget dessert! Drizzle raspberry sauce over warm chocolate cake for a mouthwatering masterpiece or chocolate sauce to transform a simple scoop of ordinary vanilla bean into a delicious dream come true.