Get the Most Out of Your Daily Brew by Grinding Your Coffee at Home

For most red blooded Americans, there is simply nothing better than the rich aroma of a steaming cup of joe first thing in the morning. Freshly ground coffee smells better, tastes better and – believe it or not – is even healthier for you! Freshly ground coffee beans retain their flavor, antioxidants and freshness. They are also proven to keep stomach acid at a minimum.

Those little coffee beans are encased within the perfect protective package, so your coffee remains completely safe until it is ground. However, if you buy pre-ground coffee, a lot can happen from the time it is ground, stored on a grocery shelf and then bought by you. Did you know that coffee loses 60 percent of its aroma within 15 minutes after it is ground? Coffee oils are delicate, and can easily fall victim to contamination. Even other odors can taint and affect the taste of coffee. Coffee oils are also water-soluble, so when ground coffee is exposed to moisture, the oils within it are quickly diluted. Carbon Dioxide works the essential coffee oils into the coffee once they are released. Within 60 seconds of grinding, 80 percent of this gas is released into the air and dissipated.

Even though you now know all reasons it is better to grind your coffee at home, you say you still aren’t sold? You think that grinding your own coffee takes too much time? Well, that way of thinking just doesn’t amount to a hill of beans. In fact, it takes less than one minute to grind enough beans for a cup of coffee with a standard handheld grinder…and just think, if you use a mechanical grinder, you don’t even need to do a thing!