Get Creative with Your Desserts by Using a Chocolate Grater

Hate it when your baked goods are bland and your mousse just seems to lack that wow factor? Don’t despair. Decadence is in the air! Want to make your whipped cream a dream and add some panache to your ganache? Why not kick it up a notch by using a chocolate grater?

Think of the possibilities…cheesecake, black forest cake, tortes and tiramisu! Even a cup of hot chocolate deserves a good grate!

Chocolate graters come in all shapes and sizes. You can use a multi-purpose chocolate/cheese/nut grater. Some come with handles for grinding your chocolate shavings and attachments to produce different size shavings. There are chocolate shavers that enable you to extract big, beautiful pieces from a brick of chocolate. There are chocolate shaver curlers for the perfect curled pieces of chocolate. Buy them for loose or tighter curls. Or go pro and buy an electric chocolate grater. You can even use a cheese grater or lemon zester to grate chocolate.

An even greater grater is the chocolate cup grater. Its razor-sharp blade produce delicate chocolate shavings and its cylinder cup shape perfectly places those shavings right over your favorite dessert. Chocolate cup graters can even fit into the mouth of a mason jar so that you can easily create and save chocolate shavings for a later date. They also include a cover for convenient storage.