Freshen Up Your Refrigerator

Fresh is always best. Fresh ideas can get you promoted; fresh diapers are always preferred to the somewhat less than fresh variety; freshly showered is better way better than sweaty and fresh off the soccer field; freshly laundered beats socks that smell like cheese; a fresh dress may catch the eye of your next husband; and a freshly prepared salad is always better than risking E coli. 

While keeping it fresh, don’t forget about your refrigerator, because fresh is always best there too. I mean, who wants to open the refrigerator door only to get blasted with a foul odor? Smelly stuff is rarely good for working up an appetite and can certainly put a kibosh on preparing whatever culinary delight you had in mind.

If you would like the perfect solution to freshening up your refrigerator, just come to Houseware Warehouse – America’s most popular online kitchen supply wholesaler. A visit to can net you that nifty kitchen gadget to end all searches…the Refrigerator Freshener!

The Refrigerator Freshener from Houseware Warehouse comes in various colors to match your kitchen décor; it can hand from a wire rack within your refrigerator or simply rest on any refrigerator shelf; it’s dishwasher safe and BPA free; and all you have to do is just add baking soda to this handy container!

Houseware Warehouse…always keeping it fresh!

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