Food to Bring You Luck in the New Year…Some Say

Pretty girls and handsome boys have been known to provide a kiss for good luck. Some professional baseball players wear their lucky socks every game without a wash (yuck) in hopes that good luck will be bestowed upon them (more likely wrinkled noses). Lottery players often play their lucky numbers time and time again with the end-goal being a mansion on their private beach or the likes. However, did you know that there is also lucky food?

That’s right! You may have heard that black-eyed peas, which are thought by some to resemble coins, are typically served to promote prosperity within the New Year. The Italian version of this is lentils. Then there is another camp believing that fish scales look a lot like coins, so a whole roasted fish is on their menu. Greens are supposed to bring paper money to mind, so eat your veggies; and just think…even if this stuff’s not true, eating fish and greens should result in a healthier you!

Speaking of prosperity, if someone owned a very plump pig back in the day, it was considered a sign that that person was prosperous. So, you guessed it, plate up the pork! The even better news is that there are no rules here, so enjoy anything from juicy pork tenderloin, to sausage with breakfast, ham and cabbage, to a crunchy BLT!

Ah, and then there are foods shaped like a ring. These are thought to bring luck because they symbolize the year coming full circle. So you might want to work a donut or two into your routine. 

Plus, here’s another one you may not know. If you are looking for a long life, try to eat your noodles without breaking them – a New Year tradition in Japan. 

Or bake a cake with a coin. The person who receives the coin in his slice is supposed to enjoy good luck the whole year through. Just watch your dentures!

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