Everything You Need to Prepare Fresh Florida Seafood

If you like fresh seafood, you are certainly in the right place. Florida is a mecca for fresh, delicious fish of varied species. There are tripletail, pompano, snook and flounder inshore if you like delicate, rich, white, flakey fish. Offshore, yellowtail tuna is so clean tasting that it is great for sushi, ceviche and other near raw preparations. Dolphin, known for its creamy texture and deep, rich flavor is also an offshore favorite. If you prefer freshwater fish, lightly breaded and fried firm, mild, white crappie filets are sure to please. Catfish are a tender, delicate freshwater catch with a mild flavor. Lobsters, scallops, shrimp and oysters are all great choices if you are a shellfish lover.

There are many things that go into making a fish dish delicious….the type of fish, the freshness of the fish and the preparation. Fish can be baked, sauteed, pan fried, deep fried, broiled, poached or grilled, and Houseware Warehouse provides everything you need to prepare fish anyway you like. We have an enormous array of baking pans, saute and frying pans, broiling pans and a host of implements for grilling. We have fish scalers, boning knives in a variety of sizes for fileting, fish turners and fish grilling baskets. Houseware Warehouse also has everything you need to enjoy shellfish, including oyster and clam knives, lobster shears, forks and crackers, crab mallets and claw crackers, escargot serving plates and deveiners.

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