Essential Tools to Enhance Your Cooking Experience

Cooking is always more fun when it’s easy and Houseware Warehouse has the tools to accommodate any menu and every chef – from novice to veteran! Here is just a tiny sampling of what Houseware Warehouse has in store…

How about an herb mill to help you release the flavors and aromas in your herbs so you can enhance your dishes like a pro? Or take things one step further with Herb-eze, which strips and measures for easy herb use and storage.

Do you know that silicone offers unbeatable heat resistance and flexibility…not to mention it can be easy to clean? Houseware Warehouse has collapsible colanders, whisks and more made from this miraculous material.

If your family loves Italian food and you want to leave them begging for more, get yourself a meatballer, which will help you round perfectly sized meatballs from scratch every time. Then pair that with a pasta timer that floats in your pot and changes color precisely when pasta of any type is cooked to perfection.

No well-equipped kitchen could be without a tool that gives you just the right slice! The Oneida V-Blade Mandoline, which can also be found at Houseware Warehouse, is fully adjustable, providing restaurant-style slices. Grate hard cheeses, soft cheeses, chocolate and nuts. Then julienne and waffle-cut vegetables to your heart’s content.

And here’s a heads-up that will leave you spinning! A Houseware Warehouse tri-blade vegetable spiral slicer can create wide ribbons, round chips or long, narrow strips. This amazing kitchen innovation also offers stainless steel blades and a suction base for safety.

There are pizza lifters to help you steer clear of burns and other pizza cooking mishaps, brushes to flawlessly desilk your corn, and storage options that range from avocado pods and grapefruit savers, to stretchy silicone bowl lids. 

So key in and key in on the cooking tools that will best enhance your cooking experience!