Enhance Your Meal with Candles

Candles can change the mood, relax the body and mind and improve the taste of your food (not sure
about the last one, but it seems like it!). They are the perfect accoutrement for an intimate dinner for
two, a small dinner for family or friends, or a festive party for a large group of guests. Here are some
ideas that are on fire:
Go old school and decorate the table with one long, thin candle to make any meal – from a frugal pizza
date, to chef-prepared shrimp etouffee – romantic. Create beautiful centerpieces using thrift store
candle holders in various sizes and shapes or surround candles with flowers or rose petals. Line the
length of a long dining room table with tiny unscented votives. Place candles in wine glasses with long
stems or in glass jars filled with berries or pebbles. If you have one, use a vintage candelabra and eat like
kings and queens or use candles to decorate or set a warm and inviting mood for the holidays.
Candles are also perfect for outdoor meals and parties. Place candles in clear glass jars, glasses or vases
on picnic tables or patio coffee and end tables. And if you want to step it up a notch, place tiny votive
candles in a chandelier that hangs from a tree branch over a bistro table and chairs. We’re talkin’
magazine cover here! You can also place candles along walkways, up staircases or floating in the pool.
To enhance a meal or festive gathering, nothing can hold a candle to the age-old candle.