Dough Scrapers Are Ideal for Transferring Chopped Items

Ever find yourself fumbling to transfer a cutting board full of chopped veggies into your skillet? It can be cumbersome trying to funnel a ton of little pieces of whatever you are chopping into your pan. Even if you use your chef’s knife to scoop up what you have sliced or diced, let’s face it, even a large knife doesn’t allow you to grab much at a time. Then, if you are like most of us, you drop a few pieces here and there, making a bit of a mess of things.

Ever consider using a dough scraper to get you out of that scrape? A dough scraper is the perfect kitchen tool for transferring chopped items from the cutting board into your pan of choice. It is flat, enabling you to easily scrape chopped food onto it; and it is wide, ensuring that you can pick up a large amount at a time without dropping any of those bothersome, run-away pieces of food.

Dough scrapers come in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit your every purpose. They also come in a variety of materials, such as plastic or metal. Some come with wooden handles, and some are even flexible. Houseware Warehouse, America’s leading online source for top quality, affordable kitchen products even offers a container of 48 scrapers in assorted colors!

Dough scrapers are great for transferring items from bowl to bowl, but they can also double as a spatula, help scrape all of your batter into your cake pan, scrape clean your cookware and even your plates when you are done with dinner! So let’s agree to avoid any more questionable scrapes.

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