Different Knives for Different Occasions

Each knife has a different purpose, and a properly stocked kitchen contains each of those knives. Houseware Warehouse is pretty sharp when it comes to knives, so here are a few tips from the folks at Houseware Warehouse on which knives to use for each occasion…

One of the most important things a well-stocked kitchen can have in its food preparation arsenal is a chef’s knife. A chef’s knife is thicker than carving and slicing knives and it has a broad blade that curves upward to rock for fine mincing. Everything from chopping to slicing is a cut above when a chef’s knife is used.

Carving and slicing knives are also staples in any proper kitchen. These handy knives are thin with long blades and pointed tips for very clean cuts which will help create the perfect plate presentation. 

Straight-edge knives for cutting raw meat are useful for making precise cuts and should be kept razor sharp for optimal performance and, of course, tender slices of meat.

A good filet knife should be used for fish. Sharp and flexible filet knives will make the deboning process quick and easy on any fish.

Paring (also referred to as boning) knives are to proper kitchen tool to remove meat from bones. When cutting through bone and cartilage on ribs or chops, a narrow boning knife should be used. If we’re talking chicken or pork, a wider boning should be the knife of choice.  

Serrated knives will make quick, pretty work of soft products with hard crusts or tough skin, such as bread, sausage or tomatoes. 

Houseware Warehouse has been affordably meeting the cutlery and culinary needs of the area’s finest chefs and chef suppliers for over 20 years. Feel free to peruse the enormous inventory of quality kitchen supplies at your convenience at housewarewarehouse.net…and carve out your niche.

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