Different Cake Pans and Their Uses

We all like cake (most of the sane folks out there, anyway) and may even consider ourselves well-versed in the art of cake baking, but when it comes right down to it, you may be surprised at how many different cake pans there actually are!

Of course there is the sheet cake pan, which is perfect for traditional birthday cakes and feeding a crowd. The round cake pan’s circular shape lends itself to easy stacking. You can stack up in decreasing cake sizes or stack the same round cake pan size and place filling in between. Then there is the bundt cake pan. This one is the distinctive shape of Jewish apple cake and a wonderful cake shape over which to beautifully drizzle icing. The angel food cake pan comes in two pieces and is used for cakes with lighter batters, such as chiffon and – you guessed it – angel food cake! Springform cake pans are also cake pans of the two piece variety. These come with an easy to remove bottom which is perfect for baking cheesecakes.

We also have our cake pan deviations, like the muffin and mini muffin pan, which deviously double as terrific cupcake and mini cupcake pans. Plus, there are loaf pans which are typically used for any sweet bread, from banana-walnut or raisin bread for breakfast, to zucchini bread when your garden overflows, to cranberry bread which is a Christmas favorite…unless you are a fruitcake person. I digress.

Not so good at cutting cake? Maybe you are one of those people who leave half the cake slice in the pan and all the icing on your hand? Not to worry! There are even cake slicers so that you can slice the perfect piece of cake every time.

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