Differences in Shipping Methods on Amazon: Orders Fulfilled by You

There’s fulfillment of your dreams, a sense of fulfillment in life and then there is the fulfillment of your orders when you sell items on Amazon. Here’s a good question. When you sell products on Amazon, is it better to self-ship your products or let Amazon handle your product fulfillment? 

Amazon offers both options to sellers because, although Fulfillment by Amazon is an excellent, cost-effective, turn-key approach to doing business on Amazon – creating more time for sellers to concentrate on the business at hand – it does come with certain nominal fees. 

If you are already set up to conveniently handle your shipping yourself and would like to bypass the cost for Fulfillment by Amazon to handle all your shipping concerns for you, by all means, feel free to do so.

Okay, so you want to know how it’s done. Go to the Amazon website. Click on “Orders” to manage your orders. Then go to “Unshipped Items”. There will be two shipping options from which to choose: 

“Buy Shipping” is the option where Amazon handles your shipping. Any products under 15 ounces get sent First Class. Products that are over a pound get sent Priority Mail. There is also an option for Flat Rate Envelopes. Amazon sends an email to your customers once the package is sent and tracking is handled by Amazon for you as well.

Click on “Confirm Shipment” if you have decided to handle your shipping directly to your customers yourself. With this method, you will need to take your package to a UPS Store, Fed Ex location, USPS or some other carrier, pay for postage and track your package.

There ARE certain benefits to handling your shipping on your own:

One is that you get to take charge of your own quality control. I know, I know. Amazon has been at this for years and also has that nifty, packaging that everyone knows and loves – a benefit given the comfort level it provides customers. However, if you think you might have any shipping issues, such as those that might accompany shipping something fragile or edible, self-shipping could be best. 

Amazon also has strict rules when it comes to shipping anything flammable, so products as simple as certain beauty products and craft supplies may not even qualify for Fulfillment by Amazon.

Then – and hold on to your hat because this one may shock you – with Fulfillment by Amazon, Amazon reserves the right to use another seller’s product if it matches your product description, in an effort to fill orders more quickly. Whaaaaat? Well that stinks!

In certain instances, it is also possible that storage fees could eat into your profits. Amazon requires a certain amount of stock, so this could create a financial hardship for smaller sellers. Additionally, if stock piles up, you could be faced with out of date inventory or an overstock issue.

It can be tricky to decide on a shipping option, but hopefully being armed with more information will enable you to make the best decision for you, your customers and your profit margins! If you decide that self-shipping to your Amazon customers is best for you, go ahead and fulfill your dreams and get a sense of fulfillment by owning your own business and fulfilling your own orders.

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