Creative Treats You Can Make with Ice Cube Trays

Want to save time, work on your portion control or just create some bite-sized treats? As Vanilla Ice might say today, “Use an ice cube tray, Baby!”

Okay, let’s get cooking! Simply fill your ice cube trays 2/3 of the way with whatever herb or herb mixture you use most, top with melted butter and freeze. It’s a great way to saute fish, chicken, veggies and more! You can also make place pesto into ice cube trays for mini pops of pesto to add to your favorite pasta recipes; and save extra eggs by scrambling them first and them placing them in trays to use as needed for breakfast or recipes later. You can also oil your tray and fill it with your favorite cookie recipe to bake as many or as little cookies as you like!

Ever want to chill your wine, but don’t want to water it down with melted ice cubes? Freeze cubes of 100% wine and add them at any time! You can do the same to keep your iced coffee from turning into a watery mess. Use coffee cubes!

Cocktail cubes can be made with berries for a festive addition to most any drink. On a diet? Add lemon or lime cubes to jazz up your water.

Got a date? Rest one strawberry in each cube of the tray, fill to the edge with chocolate and freeze. What’s more romantic than chocolate strawberries?

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