Cookware That Is Microwave Safe

It’s always good to play it safe…microwave safe!

You have to be careful with the cookware you use in the microwave. Pottery items, unglazed earthenware, cut glass, soft polythene plastics, disposable aluminum pans, stainless steel, other metals and even dishes with metal trim are all a big “NO” for microwave oven use. Additionally, all dishes and cookware that are microwave-safe should remain cool when you remove them from your microwave oven. If they are hot to the touch after your microwave cooking is complete, they are not part of the microwave-safe cookware family.

All microwave-safe cookware will allow the microwave oven’s electromagnetic radiation to pass through it. Microwave oven-safe cookware includes heat-resistant glassware and ceramics and special plastics like the firm polythene from which Tupperware is made. 

A wide array of cookware specifically designed for the microwave is available, including specialty items such as browning dishes that can brown and crisp foods in the microwave. There are also microwave cooking racks for bacon and other meats and poultry that you want to keep from sitting within their own grease as they cook…and so much more!

Visit for all your microwave cookware needs. You’ll find items like microwave oven rice cookers with several different capacities so that you can cook as much rice, quinoa and oats as you want. Houseware Warehouse has microwave oven egg boilers and microwave oven egg poachers too. You will also find microwave oven-safe glass casserole dishes, a microwave fish and veggie cooker, and even a microwave potato chip maker! 

So play it safe and shop for all your microwave-safe cooking gear at Houseware Warehouse – American’s leading online kitchen supply wholesale.

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