Cooking Can Cure Your Social Distancing Blues

Want to know one of the best tonics for treating the boredom born of social distancing? Cooking! Cooking up something good in the kitchen can be the perfect recipe to rid your entire house of the quarantine blues. From cornbread muffins baked in a cast iron skillet, to blending up berry smoothies or going all out on a pot roast, biscuits, mashed potatoes and gravy Sunday sit-down dinner just like Grandma used to make; cooking can have a delightful effect on your household.

If you have children, bake those blues away. Baking is a great way to pass the time with your kids because it’s fun, it’s a great teaching tool and it makes great memories. Most of us are lucky enough to have those “in the kitchen” memories with Mom. So go right ahead and make yours today! 

Besides, you get the added bonus of munching on whatever deliciousness you decide to create, from chocolate chip cookies, to strawberry shortcake, to red velvet cakes that add yet another level of fun with the frosting phase. 

If you can’t entice your family with the cooking portion of the program, they are sure to tune in when they get to gobble down the end results of your efforts! Try new recipes on them; shake things up with tasty grilled items for an outdoor picnic; and if you have more time on your hands nowadays, take a trip to your local farm market for fresh ingredients and add some delicious nutrition to the mix.

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