Coasters Protect Furniture

Coasters might seem like a small, unnecessary item, but in reality this little, inexpensive item – much like the police who “protect and serve” – can protect and save your furniture from watermarks.

Moisture on a tabletop surface – especially wood – can ruin the finish…and in Florida, there are plenty of hot sunny days that can create lots of dripping condensation on any glass holding a cold beverage. Hot items can also cause irreparable damage to tabletop surfaces, so don’t forget the coaster with your morning coffee!

Ah, but wait…coasters aren’t simply furniture bodyguards, they can also be decorative and imprinted with images to match your style. Coasters come in absorbent sandstone, ceramic and the old cork standby, elegant glass or marble, woven fabric or wood, or even materials as obscure as slate or travertine.

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