Cleaning the Microwave Is Yucky and Time Consuming. A Microwave Cover Is the Solution!

Okay, let’s be honest. There are lots of things in life we can do without…high health insurance premiums, that old potato you left in the bin much too long, your teenager’s way too saucy temperament and the ever-so-dreaded messes in the microwave.

Nobody likes splatter. It’s not good when it’s gravy, sauce or oil, and it’s not good when it gets all over your stove, your oven and on your clothes, but one of the worst places for splatter is in your microwave. There’s nothing worse than opening your microwave door to find baked on, caked on splatters and greasy residue on the door, walls and microwave plate from food that couldn’t seem to stay in the bowl or on the plate. Yuck!

Wipe those worry lines from you face. There IS a solution…a Microwave Cover from Houseware Warehouse! A Microwave Cover from Houseware Warehouse will save you the trouble of scrubbing your microwave daily and keep you safe from that saucy teen who frequently bubbles over her sauce in your once pristine microwave. It will even save you the cost of buying extra plastic wrap to cover your dishes and bowls in the microwave. There is certainly no need for that anymore when you have a Microwave Cover!

Houseware Warehouse Microwave Covers are large enough to cover dinner plates full of leftovers, casserole dishes and more. They are hard plastic, so they are safe in the microwave and easy to clean. They even come with a convenient handle on the top for easy list-off.

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