Chocolate Fondue – A Must!

Think about combining your all-time favorite foods and savoring them after stuffing huge wads (or regular bites for the more moderate in the bunch) in your mouth. We’re talking about chocolate fondue. Yes, please! Melt your milk chocolate, dark chocolate or white chocolate and then set up a buffet for a kids’ party, a parents’ party or a party of one (We won’t tell!). 

Dip everything from pretzels to pound cake. Fresh, frozen or dried fruits from slices of apricots, to oranges, apples, bananas, kiwi, pineapple, berries or grapes are delicious in chocolate fondue as well. Dunk vanilla wafers or any other favorite cookie, Rice Krispie Treats and even bacon! Like s’mores? Douse marshmallows in your chocolate fondue and then dip them in crushed graham crackers! You can also double dip (before you take a bite of course) into crushed nuts or sprinkles. A little sea salt is also delicious on whatever you dip into your dark chocolate. Or you can use all that melted chocolatey goodness to drizzle over ice cream, waffles or a nice slice of cake!

Where to start? I’d be anxious too! Just go to to find incredible fondue set options. Choose from a ten-ounce capacity fondue set made specifically for chocolate fondue crafted from stoneware ceramic and painted glass and presented in a modern geometric design. This quality and affordable set comes with four fondue forks and a tea light candle for a low flame to keep your melted chocolate at exactly the right consistency. The ceramic bowl is dishwasher safe, microwave safe for when you want to easily heat your leftovers and even oven safe!

If you prefer your fondue set in the electric variety, Houseware Warehouse has one that heats fondue from chocolate to cheese. This stylish, stainless, over two-quart capacity electric fondue set includes six fondue forks, a stainless steel dishwasher-safe pot and splatter guard, a flameless 1500-watt heat source, adjustable controls with an indicator light and a detachable magnetic power cord.

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