Child Snap and Go Pods

Everyone is always looking for ways to make their life easier and if you happen to have a baby at home, you, in particular, would certainly benefit from any innovation that might make life just a little more effort-free.

Take Child Snap and Go Pods, which you can find at Houseware Warehouse, for instance. These come as six detachable, multicolored, two-ounce containers; which are great at home, in the car and anywhere else! Child Snap and Go Pods also come with a leak-proof cover to prevent messes…and who better to limit messes than parents of very young children? These handy little containers are airtight, which makes them perfect for the freezer too. 

Fill your Child Snap and Go Pods with Cheerios, Fruit Loops or real fruit like applesauce. Child Snap and Go Pods – packed with carrots, berries or almonds for a punch of protein – are also great for dieters!

Now let’s talk about all things safe. They are BPA-free, lead-free and cadmium-free, making them safe for your precious little guy or girl; they are microwave-safe, so they are convenient; and they are top-rack dishwasher-safe, so they provide easy clean-up!

You may never have thought about Houseware Warehouse in the same sentence as kitchen products for babies, but you really should. Houseware Warehouse offers a bunch of very cool baby kitchen supplies, including a snack container with an adorable lion lid and pacifier pods – containers built to hold and keep pacifiers clean. These are both great for babies (and parents) on the go. 

So just maybe, Baby, you should visit!

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