Check Out Our Vegetable and Fruit Tools!

Are you nutrition-conscious? Then, Houseware Warehouse is for you because, as America’s leading online wholesale kitchen product and housewares supplier, Houseware Warehouse offers a healthy inventory at a healthy savings! Just check out our vegetable and fruit tools…

There are plastic salad “hands” for tossing, long handled salad spinners and salad savers that look like a head of lettuce. There are also adorable lemon and lime savers, tomato savers, bell pepper savers, onion savers and banana pods. There are monkey banana trees and banana slicers. Want to avoid mushy tomato slices? Get a tomato holder, a grape tomato zip slicer or a tomato slicer that is also perfect for slicing soft cheeses. Lettuce knives, mango slicers, watermelon cutters and avocado slicers all help make kitchen work easier. The grapefruit savers, spoons and knives are handy too.

Choose from corn strippers and corn holders, French fry cutters, jalapeno corers, mushroom slicers and brushes, collapsible stainless steel colanders that double as vegetable steamers, large plastic colanders and sets of mini colanders, potato mashers and bean mashers, potato ricers and potato feet for cooking the perfect baked potato. Like your olives stuffed with blue cheese or feta? How about an olive stuffer; or maybe a pickle picker that can help you easily get those olives or pickles out of the jar?

Any way you slice it, Houseware Warehouse has every tool you need, including mandolins, fruit and vegetable choppers with several blades and a container, wavy and spiral vegetable slicers, large item choppers and small vegetable choppers that are great for chopping herbs as well.

There are vegetable brushes, celery to-go containers, strawberry hullers and slicers, colorful berry boxes, three-piece canning tool sets, cherry pitters, melon ballers, zesters, apple corers and peelers, handheld citrus juicers, citrus peelers and even orange sippers for drinking straight from the orange!

See, I told you the selection at Houseware Warehouse was unbelievable. You have to check out the online catalog and see for yourself. Seeing is believing!

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