Check Out Our Cast Iron Selection

Cast iron is an amazing kitchen tool, and we promise that once you try it, you’ll be hooked! Made from solid construction, your cast iron cookware can last a lifetime. Cast iron also provides incredible heat retention so that foods cook evenly and it is versatile, switching from stovetop to oven in a snap. Unlike some of the newer cookware, cast iron is completely chemical-free and seasoning will protect your cast iron products and create a pretty awesome non-stick surface. 

Plus, when it comes to cast iron, there is not much you can’t do! A simple cast iron skillet can be used to create delicious baked goods like cornbread and cobbler. You can cook meats from fried chicken like grandma’s, to a perfectly seared slice of prime rib or blackened filet of fish. Cast iron browns and caramelizes and it delivers one skillet meals for dinner, like pesto pasta and veggies or sausage egg and cheese breakfast hash. You can make juicy cast iron burgers, cast iron chicken fried steak and even cast iron pizza of any variety!

Think all that sounds good? There’s more! Houseware Warehouse has scads of cast iron cookware available, from Dutch and double Dutch ovens, to any size cast iron frying pans. There are regular cast iron skillets, lodge cast iron skillets and deep dish cast iron skillets, as well as cast iron flat top grills and griddles. Then come the more obscure cast iron cooking items like corn pans, wedge pans, melting pots, lodge tripods, muffin pans and tortilla and bacon presses. Just visit – an ironclad plan for your cookware shopping!

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