Caterers Love Using Our Deep Steam Table Pans

We Americans do love our stuff steamy. We nestle into our comfy couches and become engrossed in steamy romance novels (Come on now…fess up.); we swoon over the aroma wafting from a steaming cup of coffee; and we cleanse our pores and detox our bodies in rejuvenating steam baths. 

And no matter what your preference in sustenance – from savory meatballs, to tender roast beef swimming in rich gravy, to fluffy scrambled eggs and oodles of other delicious breakfast temptations too numerous to tally – most of us tend to like many of our food choices steamy as well.

Caterers, often the designated caretakers of many things deliciously steaming, are absolutely in awe of our Houseware Warehouse Deep Steam Table Pans. These impressive pans are definitely a must-have for any caterers worth their salt! The Houseware Warehouse Deep Steam Table Pans are full-size, premium, disposable foil pans that are perfect for a variety of hot food preparation and presentation…and with their foil lids to fit, transportation and storage are also a breeze. Plus, since the Houseware Warehouse Deep Steam Table Pans are made of disposable foil, clean-up has never been easier and more efficient – another must, especially in these clean-conscious times.

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