Caring for Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is terrific because it is more resistant to rust and corrosion than other materials, yet dirt and grime can still put your appliances and other stainless steel items at risk, and fingerprints as well as water stains are its kryptonite. But don’t fret. There are tons of easy ways to clean your stainless stuff, so get ready to steel yourself against those paw prints and other yuck. Here we go…

It can be as easy as polishing with a little dish soap on a slightly moist rag and then shining things up with mineral oil. Mineral oil goes a long way, so a little dab will do you. Stainless steel has a grain. It’s not as definite as wood grain, but if you clean along with its grain, your results will be optimal.

Some prefer using white vinegar (in place of water) and olive oil (in place of the mineral oil) instead, but you may find lemon oil furniture polish to work just as well and to smell a lot less like a salad!

Then there are those who stand by the “spraying club soda method” and then wiping with a microfiber cloth. This approach is ideal for producing a very vibrant shine.

You can even go into your garage and grab the WD-40 for the job! Just be careful using it around food since it is petroleum-based. 

Of course, there are also plenty of stainless steel cleaning products on the market that you can use instead. My advice to you is that whatever you choose; use microfiber cloth to apply and/or polish, so that the only thing you leave behind is shine!