Buying a Good Frying Pan, It’s Worth the Money

Have you ever seen those ancient black and white comedies where the old lady in a kerchief chased away the crooks with a frying pan and that same lady armed with the same frying pan threatened her husband who had spent too much time at the pub? Apparently, back in the day, a frying pan was an excellent tool to eliminate all sorts of mayhem. Today, it’s a little different, but a frying pan is still very helpful and a good frying pan is an even more exceptional thing to have.

You’d be hard pressed to come up with a more versatile cooking implement than a frying pan. Frying pans can be used for sautéing, browning, braising and, of course, frying. You can make a fried egg, a grilled cheese sandwich, fried chicken, burgers, steaks, pancakes and stir-fry vegetables. In fact, you can make just about everything you can think of in a frying pan.

From cast iron to nonstick, whatever your preference, a good frying pan is certainly worth the investment. Before you buy though, you should ask yourself what type of frying pan is best for you. 

With nonstick frying pans, foods won’t stick, they heat quickly and are lightweight, but you can easily scratch them and they shouldn’t be used with high heat. Ceramic frying pans are a green version, but pretty much the same as a nonstick frying pan. Stainless frying pans are durable and rust and scratch resistant, but they are heavier and foods can stick more easily to them. Cast-iron frying pans are durable and oven safe, but they are heavy, they need to be seasoned (unless they come seasoned) and they can absorb odors. Copper frying pans conduct heat the best and cook foods quickly, but they need to be polished regularly.

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