Butter Warmers…Why

Want to learn some kitchen hacks that are spreading like warm butter? Butter warmers are an excellent
kitchen tool with more uses than you may realize.
Okay, so here’s just one instance when a butter warmer is necessary. You know how melted butter
coagulates and hardens back up in what seems to be total of one second after you set it on the table?
Not such a good look for your lobster dinner. Well, that’s never a problem when you have a butter
Here’s another example of when you need a butter warmer. Did you know that when a recipe calls for
softened or melted butter, there is a very good reason you shouldn’t deviate from those directions? The
extent your butter is melted when you are preparing certain foods can actually change the integrity of
the dish.
How about when you are ready for breakfast, but your butter isn’t? There’s nothing worse than trying to
eat your pancakes or toast with a hard pat of butter, so simply soften yours to perfection with a butter
And we all know how delightful it can be to melt butter for pouring over your popcorn!
However, warming a little butter until it is melted or soft is just the typical use for butter warmers. In all
actuality, butter warmers offer even more amazing versatility in the kitchen…
Butter warmers are an excellent kitchen tool to use for foods that require gentle heat – like chocolate
and cheese. They are great for reheating soups, sauces, gravy and other liquid foods; and you can also
use your butter warmer to make garlic butter and herb-infused butter.

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